2020 Summit: goin’ virtual

Opportunities and Challenges for Equity in the New Normal

Online Summit, October 15 – 16, 2020

Oct. 15

Alleviating Racial & Social Inequities in Our Communities
Creating Strategies of Hope During Times of Crisis
Pivoting Your Team to a Virtual Environment
Investing in Middle Neighborhoods: Building Social/Racial Equity through Housing
Virtual Program Delivery – Lessons Learned
Infusing DEI into Your Strategic Planning & Board Culture
Creating Housing for the Residents and the Community
Opportunities in Youth Entrepreneurship during COVID-19

Oct. 16

Florida Economic & Employment Forecast
The Digital Divide’s Impact in Rural Areas and Communities of Color
Value vs. Mission-Based Strategic Planning
Year 15: Nonprofit Right of First Refusal under Attack
Housing Policies & Racism Work Group
Negotiating Tools for Nonprofits in Joint Venture LIHTC Transactions
Financial Capability in Your (Living, Kitchen or Bath) Room

National Plenaries:
Oct. 13    Opening Keynote Address
Oct. 15    The Pandemic, Public Health & Opportunities
Oct. 19    Building Racial Equity into Organizational Practices
Oct. 21    Keynote Address: Professor Ibram X. Kendi
Oct. 23    The Future of the Community Reinvestment Act: Rules, Regulations, and Legislation

The 2020 Summit is Sponsored by

The 2020 Summit is Sponsored by