Recruiting & Training Great Board Members

Organizations, like people, go through stages of growth and development. That means your board needs to do the same. How do you decide what kind of board members you need for each stage? How do you identify the right people for the job? Share your experiences as we discuss not only how to find people with the “right stuff” but how to keep them engaged and productive for the long haul.

Casey Gilbert is the founder and president of PowerWith Consulting and a team member of Connect For More. She brings diverse management skills and a background in executive leadership to her consulting practice. Casey is a change-agent who believes in the power of inspiring people both individually and in a collective vision. As executive director of Portland, Oregon Downtown from 2015 to 2020, Casey oversaw a long-term strategic plan that increased visibility and brand awareness, and enhanced support for all constituents of an expanded downtown district. She also served as the executive director of Melbourne Main Street, in Florida.