Steps for Certification

  • Applicants provide information about their operations, staff, programs and financial position;
  • Have all information verified by an independent, third party entity (attorney, accountant, etc.) selected by the applicant;
  • Submit completed application and supporting documents to FLACDC for internal review;
  • FLACDC submits reviewed applications with commentary to the independent Certification Advisory Council; and
  • Obtain Certification.

We believe that this process will strengthen and professionalize our industry, leading to increased investment in our economically challenged communities. Certified organizations will benefit by:

  • Being assessed by an independent board of community economic development experts, the Certification Advisory Council;
  • Obtaining recognition among investors and stakeholders as well-run, effective and efficient mission-driven nonprofit;
  • Identifying organizational strengths that lead to better outcomes; and
  • Developing a capacity-building work-plan with FLACDC to address identified weaknesses.

There are basic rules by which politicians must act to accomplish there goals