In our on-going efforts to support and enhance CDCs and other nonprofits, FLACDC has developed a certification program that sets operational standards for the Community Economic Development (CED) industry in Florida. Certification, once achieved, is valid for two years and may be renewed based on the submission of up-dated information as requested by FLACDC. The program has been endorsed by the Florida Community Loan Fund and FLACDC is seeking further endorsements for the program which will enhance the value of Certification to Florida’s nonprofits.


CDCs work in a very challenging industry, especially given today’s economic environment. The achievement of certification by CDCs is a hallmark of their professionalism in supporting the community development efforts of local communities. Certification is earned and awarded as a business credential only after CDCs have completed a rigorous, peer review process. Certification is based on a CDC’s use of best policies and practices for the field. It is a standard of excellence today’s CDCs can be proud to have achieved.

Ms. Leslie Lilly, Community & Economic Development Consultant


Certification of CDCs is quite important to funding agencies. At a glance it say this organization has taken the necessary steps to carry out its mission but also to be well positioned to sustain itself into the future.

Mr. Emory M. Counts, Director, Economic/Community Development Division, The City of Daytona Beach


I am proud to accept this award on behalf of H.O.M.E.S. With a 15 year record of service to the Broward community, we are excited to be recognized as one of only three community development non-profits statewide to achieve the ‘Mature Community Development Corporation’ Certification status.

Ms. Katharine Barry, President & CEO, H.O.M.E.S., Inc.


The CDC Certification Program was developed to build the capacity of Florida’s community and economic development corporations and professionalize the industry by creating capacity thresholds in three critical areas of operation: finance, programs and services, and organizational structure. Florida is a leader in this cutting edge program, and we are pleased to be able to offer it to Florida’s nonprofit development corporations.

Ms. Terry Chelikowsky, Executive Director, FL Alliance of Community Development Corporations


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