About Us

The Florida Alliance of Community Development Corporations (FLACDC) is a statewide member-driven association of nonprofit Community Development Corporations, Community Action Agencies, Community Housing Development Organizations, other community-based entities and their partners and stakeholders dedicated to strengthening Florida’s communities. Our members work to strategically to redevelop neighborhoods and communities which seek to enhance the economic, social and personal well-being of their residents. Alliance members may be found all across Florida, serving communities both large and small in both urban and rural areas.

Our 10 Year Vision is that all Florida residents will have better access to employment and quality housing of their choosing, and, as a result, more people will improve their financial well-being and maintain control over their financial futures. To realize our vision, FLACDC will achieve the following goals:Offer a robust continuum of programs and services that increase the financial viability and effectiveness of member organizations;

Make membership and active participation in the Alliance a valued, essential component of community economic development organization success;
Be financially sustainable with a variety of funding sources supporting its operating budget;
Be the catalyst for a strong, vibrant and effective community economic development industry; and have a strong, capable, dedicated, diverse Board of Directors and staff and efficient infrastructure.

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